Why you should start your 0 nicotine vape business.

1. Can be legally and safely sold on the market.

Governments all over the world have certain controls on e-cigarettes. Even Britain, which is the most tolerant, requires that the e-liquid nicotine content should not exceed 20mg/ml. The United States, as one of the big countries in e-cigarettes, has been even more demanding in recent years. Under the control of FDA's PMTA regulations, there are only a handful of e-cigarettes and ejuice that can be legally sold in the United States. Nicotine-free e-cigarette ejuice is not under PMTA control and can be sold normally and legally on the market.

2. To help people quit smoking completely.

Many smokers who switch to vaping maintain high nicotine levels at the beginning. Over time, the level of nicotine used by some people will drop from 25 mg to 6 mg or 3 mg. They like nicotine feeling so much that they don't miss places with high nicotine content. But for others who want to kick the nicotine addiction completely, this is still not enough. These people will gradually reduce to low nicotine e-liquid, and gradually start to use nicotine-free ejuice, and eventually get rid of nicotine completely. Nicotine-free e-liquid can meet people's need to get rid of cigarettes and get rid of nicotine addiction.

3. Market demand.

People will automatically default that vaping is related to quitting smoking. Of course, it is true that vaping helps to quit smoking. But vaping is not just about quitting smoking. Many people like to vape not out of dependence on nicotine, but simply to taste, make kits and make huge choppy clouds. Some people are keen on vaping as a hobby. They like to make huge clouds and try different settings, like to taste the flavor of various brands of e-liquid. These vapers may not be former smokers, they are people who use e-cigarettes as a pleasant new pastime. For such people, nicotine in ejuice can become a hindrance and trouble. Nicotine-free e-liquid will be a good thing for them.

Then you might ask, why do people like vaping without nicotine? The following reasons may let you learn more.

(1) There is no risk of nicotine.

At present, most of the concerns about e-cigarettes come from the nicotine contained in them. Unlike nicotine-containing electronic juices, the ingredients in nicotine-free electronic juices are almost entirely made of food-grade ingredients. The steam from non-nicotine ejuice is also non-toxic. People can feel more at ease to use nicotine-free e-cigarette products.

Although 0 nicotine e-liquid and e-cigarettes do not pose any known threat. However, we still need to pay attention to the following points:

A. A small number of people may be allergic to certain ingredients in e-liquid. When storing e-liquid, it is wise to keep all the steam out of reach of children and pets, especially if there is another liquid containing nicotine or other drugs nearby.

B. Just because nicotine is non-toxic doesn't mean it's absolutely safe to inhale the lungs. These are actually two different things. What is clear is that there is no addictive substance in the vapor containing 0 mg of nicotine eJuice.

C. Even if the e-liquid does not contain nicotine, your product label still needs to be marked: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. The labeling requirement imposed by the FDA allows only two labels for electronic fruit juices, regardless of whether they contain nicotine or not. The following are the only options:

This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

This product is made of tobacco.

(2) Nicotine-free E-liquid tastes smoother and milder.

When vaping the e-liquid with nicotine, vapors can feel feeling of hitting the throat. It feels like a blow to the throat or a blow to the chest. Many vapers like this feeling and can't live without it. At the same time, many people like the smoothness of free nicotine e-liquid. Users can enjoy the taste, warmth, and still puff, but no nicotine feels itchy and irritating to the throat.

(3) Better Flavors Experience.

For taste lovers, when the nicotine in the liquid is eliminated, the flavor itself can be better presented. Although nicotine is a tasteless ingredient, as mentioned above, it smells a little pungent when describing its violent impact on the throat. And the presence of nicotine will lead to partial dilution of the flavor, which means that the level of seasoning will be affected.

Zero nicotine e-cigarettes provide vapors with the opportunity to focus on taste without tingling their throats. If it is vanilla-flavored ejuice, then vapor can focus on experiencing the wonderful feeling of vanilla in the process of using e-cigarettes.

(4) Best for Blowing Clouds and Tricks.

We often see some spectacular cloud-blowing performances and techniques on Instagram, and these performers are most likely to use non-nicotine e-liquid. E-cigarettes have gradually become a pastime and trend, but the use of e-cigarettes does not mean that people will slack off on their own health. Instead, they will look for alternative ways to solve the problem. Non nicotine ejuice is a pastime that doesn't hurt your health and looks cool. Smoke rings are an old trick, but constant practice is necessary if vapors want to be the best. The use of nicotine-free e-liquid can be practiced without restrictions, and the same is true for vapors eager to blow big clouds.

(5) Keep vaping without worry.

Sometimes people vaping is not because of nicotine addiction, but more likely because vaping relieves some of the stress and distracts excessive concentration to get rest. Nicotine-free electronic cigarette allows people to continue to use e-cigarettes without having to worry about the addiction caused by traditional cigarettes and nicotine.


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