7 Tips To Help E-Liquid Evaluation.

There are hundreds of e-liquid reviewers on domestic video websites and forums, but there is no article telling people how to do e-liquid reviews. Unlike steam smoke equipment, the evaluation of E-liquid can be complicated. Many commenters think that E-liquid is too subjective and are unwilling to make such an evaluation. This background is fully recognized. However, the quality of e-liquid is still restricted by some objective laws. Here are some tips that can be helpful in e-liquid evaluation.

1. Integrity first

If the reviewer conveys some false information or exaggerates the data for some reason, then the smoke oil test will be meaningless. This is just a waste of time and manpower. It is of no help to market testing and product improvement. Ensure that the comment made by the reviewer is true before everything.

2. Test form

Before testing, make a test form and list all the criteria to judge the quality of an E-liquid. Such as the sense of throat, smell, quality of flavor, (mixed E-liquid) flavor matching effect, PG / VG base ratio, and so on. Like university professor evaluates your paper, lists a numerical result and some comments and sets factors to 1-10 points, and sets comment position next to them to record feelings and evaluations. With this form, you know where to focus in the testing process.

3. Use RDA atomizer (single or dual)

RDA atomizer is necessary when evaluating e-liquid. This means you have to learn to make your own silk. Although it’s a bit of a hassle, consider that the silk you make can last longer and it’s easier to replace the cotton, because then you need to change the E-liquid frequently to compare the analysis. After a taste test is completed, all you have done is to quickly remove the cotton, start to burn the hot wire and atomize the residue of an E-liquid, and then install the new cotton, you can start the next E-liquid test. It is.

It is best to use a single shot to test the taste of E-liquid alone. First, when testing a lot of E-liquid, a single shot can save a lot of time; Second, single shots can often atomize a more pure, more accurate taste. When using double hair, a difference in the uniformity or resistance of the silk may cause excessive heat on one side and too slow heat conduction, which will greatly affect the effect and taste of E-liquid atomization.

4. Blind Test

Blind testing means that the reviewer records his true feelings and thoughts about the measured E-liquid without knowing the taste of E-liquid, knowing the nicotine content, not knowing the PG/VG ratio, and not being affected by others’ evaluation. That will be a great thing if the reviewer forgets or doesn’t know the flavor that should be presented in this E-liquid description. Torn off the label on the bottle, and let the reviewer try blinding and jotting down all the flavors they can discern, and then telling the taste. Blind test data will avoid the rhetoric or malignancy of some E-liquid by some other reviewers and help to distinguish and filter out the real good taste.

5. Take the normal method of evaluation.

Test in a relatively natural environment. Humidity, pressure, and even noise in the surrounding environment can affect your sense of taste and smell. For example, it is not suitable for testing while flying. During the flight, people’s sensitivity to sweet and salty tastes will be reduced due to high air pressure, low humidity, and engine noise in the cabin. Therefore, the reviewer should choose a relatively natural environment when testing, and eliminate some interference factors as much as possible. Some laboratories also have special e-cigarette liquid tasting areas.

6. Don’t jump to conclusions too early

Every kind of e-liquid has the characteristics of fluidity (or instability). This means that the e-liquid will have different tastes at different time periods after it leaves the factory. Even at the same time, different equipment, different atomizer resistance, and different power settings will all have an impact on the taste. A piece of e-liquid objective data usually requires at least 15 milliliters of e-liquid intake and at least one week, and to ensure that each e-liquid has been tested by at least three different types of atomizers.

In order to obtain more objective data, the evaluator needs to test the taste of e-liquid in more than three different atomizers. Obtaining a set of objective data requires a lot of work. Just because the reviewer likes or dislikes a certain flavor of e-liquid within a certain period of time, it is not enough to give a qualitative rating to the e-liquid.

If the ejuice is good in the afternoon and bad in the morning, the reason behind it is worth understanding. It is recommended that the reviewer prepare some clean drip atomizers, use new heating wires and cotton, and use different equipment to collect as much taste data as possible in different time periods to verify whether the taste is really good. Remember that there is a thousand Hamlet in the eyes of a thousand people. If the flavor of e-liquid is not the type you like, please consider who might like this flavor and why.

In addition, if the evaluator’s conditions do not allow it, different e-liquids need to use the same atomizer, and it is important to clean them thoroughly. The peculiar smell is an important reason why the taste of many e-liquids cannot be reduced.

It is a serious matter to make an objective smoke oil evaluation, so not many people are willing to spend a lot of time, energy, and patience on this work.

7. Return the taste buds before each test.

a. Make sure not to eat some irritating foods such as peppers that may affect the taste buds before making the evaluation.

b. Clean mouth and teeth with freshwater when feeling the taste fatigue. And sure you can try by milk.

c. Repeatedly record the feeling before and after freshwater cleaning, which may help discover the essence of an E-liquid.

d. Stimulate your taste buds with coffee powder. sniffing coffee smell long time can help you get your taste buds back. The sensitivity of the sense of smell and taste is greatly enhanced after that.


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