8 tips help you build your disposable vape business.

As you can see, disposable e-cigarettes have developed rapidly in recent years. If you want to start your disposable e-cigarette business, the following eight tips can help you start your business faster.

1. How to choose a style.

The style of disposable e-cigarettes is the same as girls' clothes, always changing before the change of season. If you are going to start your disposable e-cigarette business, it is necessary to pay attention to the new products in China's e-cigarette factories. Pay more attention to the emergence of new products, and compare the material, craftsmanship, and configuration of the style. Of course, the most important thing is to pay attention to the taste deviation of the same type of ejuice under different styles of equipment. This is a very interesting phenomenon that we found in the process of testing and production. Therefore, when choosing styles for your disposable e-cigarette business, be sure to test enough styles, configurations, and ejuice flavors. If you have your own ejuice, the best way is to send it to the factory to help you test and deploy the configuration of the equipment. In general, there will be dozens of styles and configurations in factories, and there can be as many as dozens or hundreds of configurations, including spare parts. Send the ejuice directly to the factory, they will inject them into different equipment and test them, and in the test process, mix the internal configuration according to the taste, and finally select several suitable ones for you to choose.

If you do not have your own e-liquid, you can tell the factory your general requirements and ask them for help to select. Generally, Chinese electronic cigarette factories cooperate with the e-liquid factories in China. It should be noted that the possibility of homogenizing the flavor in this way is very high. At the same time, the flavor may not be so suitable for your home market.

2. How to choose the flavors.

Taste is the soul of a disposable vape, and the soul is immeasurable. As a result, the choice of flavor has become a problem you have to face when starting your disposable e-cigarette business. If you have your own ejuice, and your e-liquid already has a group of customers. Then the choice will be a little easier. You can pick out some of the more popular ejuice to match the device and start your disposable e-cigarette business. If you don't have your own e-liquid, it's better to work with your local e-liquid brand to create your disposable e-cigarettes. Although this will lead to the high cost of your disposable e-cigarettes, your customer base will also be larger. People's buyback rates will also be higher.

3. How to evaluate the e-liquid taste from China.

You may wonder why not buy disposable cigarettes with ejuice directly from China. One problem here is that people's taste preferences vary from region to region. If you like peach oolong tea, stinky tofu, and durian, as well as chicken feet, please ignore this tip.

What needs to be distinguished is that flavor and taste are two different things. The flavor is a person's preference for sour, sweet, bitter, spicy, and salty, and the taste is the fullness of this flavor. Our production staff often try different kinds of ejuice from different places, and in years of testing, they often taste some very novel flavors (well, we have no idea what they are). In this process, the testers focus not on flavor, but on taste. The flavor is determined by the formula of the e-liquid, and the taste is the experience that the ejuice is fully released through the device and the internal atomization core configuration. The job of the testers is to constantly debug the configuration to achieve the full taste of the smoke, fully atomize the smoke and let it bloom in the mouth.

4. What concentration of nicotine should I use?

Please follow the rules of the market where your business is located. In Britain, the concentration of nicotine in e-cigarettes does not exceed 20mg, while in the United States, although there are no explicit regulations on nicotine concentration requirements, for the time being, the sale of flavor nicotine-containing e-liquid is currently prohibited unless approved by FDA. If your taste is other than tobacco and menthol, make sure your ejuice is nicotine-free.

5. Can I refuel myself?

Yes, of course. It is not difficult to inject liquid into disposable devices. Generally divided into manual injection and machine injection. You can ask the Chinese factory to complete the configuration and commissioning, and let them directly send the empty disposable device to you. It should be noted that after filling the ejuice, don't forget to test the device, including the voltage test, the ejuice leakage test, and whether it is working properly. Whether you fill the juice yourself or not, be sure to debug the configuration to fully release the flavor of the e-liquid.

6. How to choose the puff count?

The recommendation is less than 1000 puffs. The advantages of disposable e-cigarettes are that they are convenient, friendly to new users, and can try a variety of flavors. If there are more than 1000, there will be the following problems:

a. Disposable e-cigarettes with too many puffs may taste lighter after being used for a period of time.

b. The more puff count, the larger the internal configuration of the battery, making it less lightweight and portable.

c. After using it for a long time or storing it for a long time, it is not friendly to inside e-liquid and batteries.

d. In terms of price, POD has more advantages than multi-puff disposable vape.

7. About the price.

E-cigarettes that look exactly the same on the market may actually be different. This involves the internal atomization core configuration, battery capacity, and material, as well as e-liquid and so on. It is generally difficult to tell the difference by eyes. This is why there is such a big price gap between the same disposable e-cigarettes on the market. If you are going to start your disposable vape business, you need to pay attention not only to the existing disposable vape prices on the market but also to the prices of POD and MOD. In addition, you also need to calculate your purchase cost as well as all kinds of other expenses such as shipment cost and so on. Different factories have different quotations for the same products, based on internal configuration (such as atomizing core, battery material, etc.), production process, e-liquid filling method, after-sales service, and so on. Do not compare the quotations offered by each factory solely on the basis of style.

8. How many quantities should I buy for the first time?

How to decide the quantity of the first order. It is related to your sales plan, market forecast, minimum order quantity of the factory, factory delivery time, and shipping time. Because the packing factory has a relatively high demand for the order quantity, generally electronic cigarette factories request MOQ 2000pcs each flavor, and the delivery time of the order within 50, 000 is about 20 days, if more, then need to negotiate with them. The transportation time varies from 7 to 35 days depending on the region and the methods of transportation. Your first stock quantity not only needs to calculate the forecast sales quantity over a period of time but also needs to take into account the production time, shipping time, and so on when the order is re-placed to the factory. In addition, don't forget that the Chinese New year is coming. Chinese factories usually have about a month-long New year holiday.


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