Who are we

Welcome to Bankvape

Bankvape is a manufacturer of high-quality disposable smoke equipment for custiom-mode E-liquid.

As a young and professional team with years of experience in the e-cigarette industry from design, production to marketing, Bankvape believes that everyone is a unique existence, just as each kind of E-liquid has its own unique charm and fan group. We are committed to providing quality products and services to help our customers create a suitable disposable E-cigarette for their fans.

Where Are We

Our office and factory are located in Shenzhen, China. Was founded in 2018, specializing in the production of e-cigarettes. Bankvape can provide customers with high-quality vape products with OEM or ODM requirements of customers. Welcome customers to visit our factory anytime and anywhere to learn how our products are made.

Impeccable Quality Control

Bankvape has an independent testing laboratory and a dedicated quality control department. They are equipped with complete test equipment and precision instruments to ensure that every part from R & D to mass production is subject to strict inspection and quality control. We have passed ISO9001 Quality Management Certification, standardization management system certification, CE certification, ROHS certification, and OHSAS 18001.

Strong Production Capacity

  • Production Lines: 3
  • Area: more than 5,000 square meters
  • Capacity: 1 million units disposable vape per month


Our team is our proudest presence, we are positive, optimistic, and curious about new things. We are proud to say that our employees enjoy working on this team. Live up to our values by satisfying each of your preferences.

Our Service

Provides high quality disposable cigarette device.

We know that taste is the soul of disposable cigarettes. For disposable cigarette devices, we pursue high-quality and concise, maximize the advantages of E-liquid.

Unique OEM for maximum customization

From the flavor to the content of nicotine, as well as the the design of disposable cigarettes and package, everything can be customized, we will work with you to achieve your ideas.

Small MOQ

We offer small-batch customizations with multiple flavors to maximize your chances of satisfying your fans.

Our Certificates