Why you should start your 0 nicotine vape business.

1. Can be legally and safely sold on the market.

Governments all over the world have certain controls on e-cigarettes. Even Britain, which is the most tolerant, requires that the e-liquid nicotine content should not exceed 20mg/ml. The United States, as one of the big countries in e-cigarettes, has been even more demanding in recent years. Under the control of FDA's PMTA regulations, there are only a handful of e-cigarettes and ejuice that can be legally sold in the United States. Nicotine-free e-cigarette ejuice is not under PMTA control and can be sold normally and legally on the market.

2. To help people quit smoking completely.

Many smokers who switch to vaping maintain high nicotine levels at the beginning. Over time, the level of nicotine used by some people will drop from 25 mg to 6 mg or 3 mg. They like nicotine feeling so much that they don't miss places with high nicotine content. But for others who want to kick the nicotine addiction completely, this is still not enough. These people will gradually reduce to low nicotine e-liquid, and gradually start to use nicotine-free ejuice, and eventually get rid of nicotine completely. Nicotine-free e-liquid can meet people's need to get rid of cigarettes and get rid of nicotine addiction.

3. Market demand.

People will automatically default that vaping is related to quitting smoking. Of course, it is true that vaping helps to quit smoking. But vaping is not just about quitting smoking. Many people like to vape not out of dependence on nicotine, but simply to taste, make kits and make huge choppy clouds. Some people are keen on vaping as a hobby. They like to make huge clouds and try different settings, like to taste the flavor of various brands of e-liquid. These vapers may not be former smokers, they are people who use e-cigarettes as a pleasant new pastime. For such people, nicotine in ejuice can become a hindrance and trouble. Nicotine-free e-liquid will be a good thing for them.

Then you might ask, why do people like vaping without nicotine? The following reasons may let you learn more.

(1) There is no risk of nicotine.

At present, most of the concerns about e-cigarettes come from the nicotine contained in them. Unlike nicotine-containing electronic juices, the ingredients in nicotine-free electronic juices are almost entirely made of food-grade ingredients. The steam from non-nicotine ejuice is also non-toxic. People can feel more at ease to use nicotine-free e-cigarette products.

Although 0 nicotine e-liquid and e-cigarettes do not pose any known threat. However, we still need to pay attention to the following points:

A. A small number of people may be allergic to certain ingredients in e-liquid. When storing e-liquid, it is wise to keep all the steam out of reach of children and pets, especially if there is another liquid containing nicotine or other drugs nearby.

B. Just because nicotine is non-toxic doesn't mean it's absolutely safe to inhale the lungs. These are actually two different things. What is clear is that there is no addictive substance in the vapor containing 0 mg of nicotine eJuice.

C. Even if the e-liquid does not contain nicotine, your product label still needs to be marked: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. The labeling requirement imposed by the FDA allows only two labels for electronic fruit juices, regardless of whether they contain nicotine or not. The following are the only options:

This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

This product is made of tobacco.

(2) Nicotine-free E-liquid tastes smoother and milder.

When vaping the e-liquid with nicotine, vapors can feel feeling of hitting the throat. It feels like a blow to the throat or a blow to the chest. Many vapers like this feeling and can't live without it. At the same time, many people like the smoothness of free nicotine e-liquid. Users can enjoy the taste, warmth, and still puff, but no nicotine feels itchy and irritating to the throat.

(3) Better Flavors Experience.

For taste lovers, when the nicotine in the liquid is eliminated, the flavor itself can be better presented. Although nicotine is a tasteless ingredient, as mentioned above, it smells a little pungent when describing its violent impact on the throat. And the presence of nicotine will lead to partial dilution of the flavor, which means that the level of seasoning will be affected.

Zero nicotine e-cigarettes provide vapors with the opportunity to focus on taste without tingling their throats. If it is vanilla-flavored ejuice, then vapor can focus on experiencing the wonderful feeling of vanilla in the process of using e-cigarettes.

(4) Best for Blowing Clouds and Tricks.

We often see some spectacular cloud-blowing performances and techniques on Instagram, and these performers are most likely to use non-nicotine e-liquid. E-cigarettes have gradually become a pastime and trend, but the use of e-cigarettes does not mean that people will slack off on their own health. Instead, they will look for alternative ways to solve the problem. Non nicotine ejuice is a pastime that doesn't hurt your health and looks cool. Smoke rings are an old trick, but constant practice is necessary if vapors want to be the best. The use of nicotine-free e-liquid can be practiced without restrictions, and the same is true for vapors eager to blow big clouds.

(5) Keep vaping without worry.

Sometimes people vaping is not because of nicotine addiction, but more likely because vaping relieves some of the stress and distracts excessive concentration to get rest. Nicotine-free electronic cigarette allows people to continue to use e-cigarettes without having to worry about the addiction caused by traditional cigarettes and nicotine.


8 tips help you build your disposable vape business.

As you can see, disposable e-cigarettes have developed rapidly in recent years. If you want to start your disposable e-cigarette business, the following eight tips can help you start your business faster.

1. How to choose a style.

The style of disposable e-cigarettes is the same as girls' clothes, always changing before the change of season. If you are going to start your disposable e-cigarette business, it is necessary to pay attention to the new products in China's e-cigarette factories. Pay more attention to the emergence of new products, and compare the material, craftsmanship, and configuration of the style. Of course, the most important thing is to pay attention to the taste deviation of the same type of ejuice under different styles of equipment. This is a very interesting phenomenon that we found in the process of testing and production. Therefore, when choosing styles for your disposable e-cigarette business, be sure to test enough styles, configurations, and ejuice flavors. If you have your own ejuice, the best way is to send it to the factory to help you test and deploy the configuration of the equipment. In general, there will be dozens of styles and configurations in factories, and there can be as many as dozens or hundreds of configurations, including spare parts. Send the ejuice directly to the factory, they will inject them into different equipment and test them, and in the test process, mix the internal configuration according to the taste, and finally select several suitable ones for you to choose.

If you do not have your own e-liquid, you can tell the factory your general requirements and ask them for help to select. Generally, Chinese electronic cigarette factories cooperate with the e-liquid factories in China. It should be noted that the possibility of homogenizing the flavor in this way is very high. At the same time, the flavor may not be so suitable for your home market.

2. How to choose the flavors.

Taste is the soul of a disposable vape, and the soul is immeasurable. As a result, the choice of flavor has become a problem you have to face when starting your disposable e-cigarette business. If you have your own ejuice, and your e-liquid already has a group of customers. Then the choice will be a little easier. You can pick out some of the more popular ejuice to match the device and start your disposable e-cigarette business. If you don't have your own e-liquid, it's better to work with your local e-liquid brand to create your disposable e-cigarettes. Although this will lead to the high cost of your disposable e-cigarettes, your customer base will also be larger. People's buyback rates will also be higher.

3. How to evaluate the e-liquid taste from China.

You may wonder why not buy disposable cigarettes with ejuice directly from China. One problem here is that people's taste preferences vary from region to region. If you like peach oolong tea, stinky tofu, and durian, as well as chicken feet, please ignore this tip.

What needs to be distinguished is that flavor and taste are two different things. The flavor is a person's preference for sour, sweet, bitter, spicy, and salty, and the taste is the fullness of this flavor. Our production staff often try different kinds of ejuice from different places, and in years of testing, they often taste some very novel flavors (well, we have no idea what they are). In this process, the testers focus not on flavor, but on taste. The flavor is determined by the formula of the e-liquid, and the taste is the experience that the ejuice is fully released through the device and the internal atomization core configuration. The job of the testers is to constantly debug the configuration to achieve the full taste of the smoke, fully atomize the smoke and let it bloom in the mouth.

4. What concentration of nicotine should I use?

Please follow the rules of the market where your business is located. In Britain, the concentration of nicotine in e-cigarettes does not exceed 20mg, while in the United States, although there are no explicit regulations on nicotine concentration requirements, for the time being, the sale of flavor nicotine-containing e-liquid is currently prohibited unless approved by FDA. If your taste is other than tobacco and menthol, make sure your ejuice is nicotine-free.

5. Can I refuel myself?

Yes, of course. It is not difficult to inject liquid into disposable devices. Generally divided into manual injection and machine injection. You can ask the Chinese factory to complete the configuration and commissioning, and let them directly send the empty disposable device to you. It should be noted that after filling the ejuice, don't forget to test the device, including the voltage test, the ejuice leakage test, and whether it is working properly. Whether you fill the juice yourself or not, be sure to debug the configuration to fully release the flavor of the e-liquid.

6. How to choose the puff count?

The recommendation is less than 1000 puffs. The advantages of disposable e-cigarettes are that they are convenient, friendly to new users, and can try a variety of flavors. If there are more than 1000, there will be the following problems:

a. Disposable e-cigarettes with too many puffs may taste lighter after being used for a period of time.

b. The more puff count, the larger the internal configuration of the battery, making it less lightweight and portable.

c. After using it for a long time or storing it for a long time, it is not friendly to inside e-liquid and batteries.

d. In terms of price, POD has more advantages than multi-puff disposable vape.

7. About the price.

E-cigarettes that look exactly the same on the market may actually be different. This involves the internal atomization core configuration, battery capacity, and material, as well as e-liquid and so on. It is generally difficult to tell the difference by eyes. This is why there is such a big price gap between the same disposable e-cigarettes on the market. If you are going to start your disposable vape business, you need to pay attention not only to the existing disposable vape prices on the market but also to the prices of POD and MOD. In addition, you also need to calculate your purchase cost as well as all kinds of other expenses such as shipment cost and so on. Different factories have different quotations for the same products, based on internal configuration (such as atomizing core, battery material, etc.), production process, e-liquid filling method, after-sales service, and so on. Do not compare the quotations offered by each factory solely on the basis of style.

8. How many quantities should I buy for the first time?

How to decide the quantity of the first order. It is related to your sales plan, market forecast, minimum order quantity of the factory, factory delivery time, and shipping time. Because the packing factory has a relatively high demand for the order quantity, generally electronic cigarette factories request MOQ 2000pcs each flavor, and the delivery time of the order within 50, 000 is about 20 days, if more, then need to negotiate with them. The transportation time varies from 7 to 35 days depending on the region and the methods of transportation. Your first stock quantity not only needs to calculate the forecast sales quantity over a period of time but also needs to take into account the production time, shipping time, and so on when the order is re-placed to the factory. In addition, don't forget that the Chinese New year is coming. Chinese factories usually have about a month-long New year holiday.


7 tips to help you vaping safely.

In 2015, the Department of Public Health (PHE) officially declared that "e-cigarettes are at least 95 percent safer than smoking". Who confirmed the statement when it launched a new campaign called PHE's Health Hazard campaign in 2018.

Smoking is the leading cause of premature death on the planet, and many studies have shown that most e-cigarette users are former smokers who turn to e-cigarettes to quit smoking. Compared with mainstream smoke, e-cigarette steam contains much less harmful or potentially harmful chemicals, does not contain carbon monoxide, nor does it contain carbon dioxide produced by tobacco combustion. E-cigarettes are much safer than smoking, but not absolutely safe.

Here are a few tips to help beginners switch from smoking to e-cigarettes more safely.

1. Buy products from reputable retailers.

This is the most important point. If you have just switched from cigarettes to e-cigarettes, a reputable and experienced retailer will provide you with professional advice and reliable products. Especially now that the e-cigarette market is rampant and fakes are rampant, a reliable retailer can provide you with safe and compliant products, and they will recommend the appropriate nicotine content for you according to your actual situation.

2. Learn the basic knowledge about devices.

Although professional retailers will provide you with enough advice and answers to your questions. However, e-cigarette themselves still has some security risks, and you need to consult professional Vape retailers for your own specific safety guidelines. For example, the safety risks of e-cigarettes are related to the toxicity of the emissions they produce, including aldehydes, such as acrolein, formaldehyde, benzaldehyde, propionaldehyde, or acetaldehyde, and furans, recently produced by sugars. These emissions are related to the e-cigarette devices, e-liquid, and how it is used. Coil aging in e-cigarettes, for example, amplifies the risk of releasing toxins. In the absence of a clean coil, the production of aldehyde increased by 60%, of which formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, and acrolein contributed more. Therefore, you need to know some basic knowledge and points for attention in the process of using your device.

3. Learn the basics of e-liquid.

Although the composition of the e-cigarette oil is well known and relatively well controlled by manufacturers around the world, there is still some uncertainty about the flavors used in the formulation. The presence of aldehydes in e-cigarette vapors is nothing new, and the levels usually observed are still below the maximum exposure standards applicable to the workplace.
A number of studies, the most famous of which is undoubtedly Maciej Goniewicz of the Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, USA, highlight flavors that may contribute to the production of aldehydes. For example, the strawberry flavor may be a potential source of benzaldehyde in e-cigarette oil and steam. Similarly, some gourmet electronic tobacco oils often use diacetyl to produce butter flavor. If exposure and duration exceed a certain level, this type of ingredient may be harmful to the body. Fortunately for us, normally observed concentrations should not pose an immediate health risk, but if you are an e-cigarette user, you should naturally pay attention.

4. Learn the basics of e-liquid.

Although the composition of the e-cigarette oil is well known and relatively well controlled by manufacturers around the world, there is still some uncertainty about the flavors used in the formulation. The presence of aldehydes in e-cigarette vapors is nothing new, and the levels usually observed are still below the maximum exposure standards applicable to the workplace.
A number of studies, the most famous of which is undoubtedly Maciej Goniewicz of the Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, USA, highlight flavors that may contribute to the production of aldehydes. For example, the strawberry flavor may be a potential source of benzaldehyde in e-cigarette oil and steam. Similarly, some gourmet electronic tobacco oils often use diacetyl to produce butter flavor. If exposure and duration exceed a certain level, this type of ingredient may be harmful to the body. Fortunately for us, normally observed concentrations should not pose an immediate health risk, but if you are an e-cigarette user, you should naturally pay attention.
In addition, there are some points to pay attention to when choosing e-cigarette oil:

a. Never vape if your e-cigarette e-liquid supply is defective, in order to prevent a “dry hit”.

b. Observe the settings specified by the manufacturer if your device can be configured (Mod) and adapt your resistance value to these settings (ohm).

c. If your device can be configured (Mod) and adjust your resistance values according to these settings (ohm), follow the settings specified by the manufacturer.

d. The higher the flavor content of an e-liquid, the greater the likelihood of the chemical reactions multiplying at high temperatures.

e. A sweet e-liquid will be more likely to caramelize the resistance coil and hence encourage potential volatile organic compound production. etc.

5. Learn the local rules of e-cigarettes.

Governments all over the world have strict requirements on the production, sale, purchase, and use of e-cigarettes. Before trying to smoke e-cigarettes, please study the relevant local laws and regulations to avoid arbitrary punishment. The relevant laws and regulations relating to the age limit for the legal use of e-cigarettes, site restrictions, and so on. For relevant information, please consult the retailer who serves you. They will have a full understanding of the local laws and regulations.

6. Learn the basic knowledge about using batteries safely.

Basic e-cigarette devices are built-in batteries, ranging in size from large to small. What you need to know is that no matter what kind of batteries there are certain safety risks, even batteries from well-known businesses such as Samsung, there is a certain defective rate. Therefore, some basic knowledge of using batteries can help you reduce the corresponding safety risks. Relevant knowledge such as how to store e-cigarettes, how to charge your device, what to do if the battery leaks, and what emergency measures should be taken if the battery explodes. You can consult your retailer with all this knowledge, and they will provide you with professional advice based on the batteries contained in your device.

7. Handle the e-cig, e-liquid, and battery correctly when used up.

E-cigarettes, including rechargeable batteries and cartridges, and bottles that contain e-liquids (liquid nicotine mixtures), can pose a threat to human health and to the environment if they are not disposed of properly. E-cigarette and e-liquid waste should not be thrown in the regular trash or flushed down a sink. Instead, these items should be taken safely to a hazardous waste facility.

Below is some advice for you to handle them correctly.[](


How to quit smoking by vaping

There is an old joke: it's easy to quit smoking-I've quit dozens of times.

Year after year, we have once again entered the peak period of quitting smoking. Although the above sentence may make people smile, the challenge of quitting smoking is really no joke.

The good news is that there are many options to help you quit smoking. Patches, chewing gum, and even hypnotherapy are all worth considering. But by the 2021's, e-cigarettes had become the most common and successful tool to alleviate the symptoms of smoking. Although no e-cigarette device has been approved as an official smoking cessation drug, it is a relatively harmless way to spread nicotine compared to burning tobacco.

E-cigarettes bring risks in themselves, and you should be aware of these risks. However, don't let them conceal that e-cigarettes are far less harmful than smoking. For thousands of people, they are an important first step towards getting rid of nicotine habits and leading healthier lives.

Whether you are currently smoking e-cigarettes or are considering getting started, it is important to take some time to think about why you might choose e-cigarettes. This can help you get more of the body you want and avoid experiences you don't want.

First, consider the feelings, behaviors, or benefits you want to experience with or without e-cigarettes. Next, think about something you don't want to experience. Here are some examples to help you get started:

If I choose e-cigarette.

I want to:
Reduce the use of my cigarettes.
Associate with friends.
It feels like it's buzzing.
Enjoy the taste.
If I choose e-cigarette.

I don't want to:
Addicted to or dependent on nicotine.
Encounter health problems or negative effects.
Bear the economic burden of spending money on electronic cigarette products.
Completing these types of exercises may be a good starting point for learning about your choice of e-cigarettes.

So how can we transition from smoking to e-cigarettes?

1. Find a reliable e-cigarette store.

Professional e-cigarette stores can provide you with the most suitable products and suggestions, and provide quality and efficient services. They know what it's like to switch to e-cigarettes, so don't be intimidated by the appearance of the store. If you have any questions about using e-cigarettes and your equipment, please go back and contact them.

2. Buy yourself a decent e-cigarette.

There are hundreds of e-cigarette devices on the market. Tell the clerk your needs and preferences, and they will provide professional advice. Note when choosing:

a. Don't make complex modules (it won't make you look cool! ).
If you really want to use e-cigarettes to avoid smoking, it's best to start with the basics until you feel comfortable. Complex modules can make it harder to get started, and your e-cigarette experience can be very bad when you don't know what you're doing. Once you get the hang of it and use the right kit and e-cigarette juice, e-cigarettes are very simple. It is much cheaper than smoking and does much less harmful to health.

b. Don't pay attention to the appearance of e-cigarettes.
You might think it would be easier for you to choose an e-cigarette that looks like a cigarette. But the reality is that these smaller electronic programs will not give you the same experience you want.

3. Test a series of ejuice.

There are hundreds of flavors on the market. Select a category and try a sample to find the category that works best for you and gives you the excitement you want.

4. Use the correct nicotine intensity.

Make sure that you can get the correct liquid strength of the e-cigarette when switching to the e-cigarette. If the intensity of the e-liquid you buy is too strong, you may feel nauseous from a severe headache. On the other hand, if the liquid you use is too light, you will feel dissatisfied and may have an almost overwhelming craving for cigarettes.

As a general rule of thumb.
Heavy smokers (20 or more cigarettes a day) should use 18 mg of nicotine liquid.
Moderate smokers (10 to 20 cigarettes a day) should consume 12 mg of nicotine liquid.
Light smokers (up to 10 cigarettes a day) should buy 3 mg of nicotine liquid.

If you are a heavy smoker and want to reduce your dependence on nicotine, please switch to e-cigarettes and get used to them, and then consider reducing the nicotine intensity in e-cigarettes over time.

5. Gradually shift from smoking to smoking e-cigarettes.

Some people switch directly from cigarettes to vape overnight, while others make a gradual transition, replacing one cigarette a day, then two, then three. There is no "right way", but if you take the former option, please note that you will still experience some quitting smoking, especially in the first week. Make sure your loved ones know that you may be more grumpy than usual!

Within 48 hours after the conversion, you will find that your sense of taste and smell has improved. This is because receptors in the mouth that are constantly bombarded with toxins in the smoke finally have a chance to recover. This may sound counterintuitive, but you may also find yourself coughing more than usual. It won't last long, just because your lungs have cleared some of the toxic debris that has accumulated over the years.

The best way to exchange e-cigarettes is to gradually insert e-cigarettes into daily life, first change the rest time of e-cigarettes to a cigarette, and then accumulate gradually until you can get e-cigarettes every time. Don't worry, but make sure you push yourself to the next step.

6. Learn to smoke correctly.

Instead of taking a quick puff of an e-cigarette, use a long, soft inhale to get the best results. Unlike smoking, e-cigarettes are not a quick, short-lived blow, but something to enjoy and taste.

It only takes a few minutes to smoke a cigarette, but it will be faster to drag hard. E-cigarettes are different. The e-cigarette in the fuel tank can last for a period of time, attracting beginners to continue to vape. Setting the time for yourself to smoke e-cigarettes is very helpful to break the old habit of smoking until it disappears.

7. Be patient.

Moving from smoking to e-cigarettes is a major change in your life and habits, so learning how to use e-cigarettes correctly won't happen overnight. Take your time, try new things and enjoy the experience.

8. Participate in the e-cigarette community.

There are hundreds of pages on social media such as Facebook, providing a community for e-cigarette users. This is a great way to learn new things about e-cigarettes, ask for advice, and talk to people in the same position as you.

9. Matters needing attention during the period:

a. Everyone has different restrictions.

It's important to understand your limitations when using e-cigarettes, especially if you're not familiar with nicotine. Your tolerance may not be as high as those who smoke e-cigarettes or smoke regularly, so start low and take your time. Eating too much nicotine can lead to negative effects, including nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, or stomachache. Eye irritation. headache. Anxiety and uneasiness. Sweat. Confuse. dyspnea. Tremor. Seizures, etc.

If you develop any of these symptoms within the first 15-60 minutes of smoking an e-cigarette, please call the National Poison Control Center at 1222 and contact your health care provider.

You may also need to consider reducing the frequency and quantity of e-cigarettes, which can reduce the chances of unnecessary health consequences. If you smoke or smoke regularly, consider reducing your nicotine dose by at least one level when smoking e-cigarettes.

b. Avoid sharing.

Sharing doesn't always care. Sharing e-cigarettes not only puts you at higher risk of spreading COVID-19 but also exposes you to many other diseases, such as colds, flu, mono, or meningitis, which can be transmitted from person to person through saliva. Sharing with friends may also mean that you are taking a higher dose of nicotine than ever before. Use your own e-cigarettes and keep them clean through proper maintenance to keep yourself healthy and safe.

c. E-cigarette products need special treatment.

E-cigarette products are regarded as hazardous materials and should not be thrown into ordinary dustbins or recycling bins. Equipment, pods, and batteries should be discarded in the designated delivery box.

Here are some successful examples of quitting smoking for reference.


10 Advantages Of Disposable Vape Making E-Smoking A Great Experience.

Vaporizers provide people with safer choices and healthier lifestyles, so they have become very popular today. Today we are talking about disposable electronic cigarettes.
Disposable pens follow the natural cartridge system and are equipped with cartridges, fully charged batteries, and e-cigarette juice containing salt-based nicotine. Compared with other devices, disposable electronic cigarettes have the following advantages:

1. User friendly

Perhaps the most important feature of disposable products is their ease of use. First of all, when taken out of the package, they have a ready-to-use vape flavor and a fully charged battery. You don’t need to modify the settings, you just need to launch them directly (they will be automatically triggered when you pull out the steam through the mouthpiece) to start your e-cigarette session; to meet your needs.

They are very easy to use and are best for novices and ex-smokers. Nevertheless, the advantage of the ease of use is highly appreciated by professional e-cigarette users who may be looking for a simpler way of doing things.

2. Lightweight

Disposable products are light in weight and are designed to solve complex and heavy systems. Their lightweight is a very positive solution because if they smoke e-cigarettes for a long time, they will feel more relaxed. This attribute is a welcome change that can make your hand feel more comfortable during long e-cigarettes.

Fans who have extensive experience with various vape systems understand what it feels like to deal with a fairly large and heavy vape mod system throughout the long inhalation process. In addition, this feature increases convenience, because e-cigarette users do not need to carry heavy objects in their pockets. Disposable items are as light as ordinary cigarette sticks, and e-cigarette users will forget that they even put them in their wallets or pocket.

3. Economical and convenient

Due to the affordable price, anyone can use disposable items at any time to satisfy their desire for vape taste without changing the settings. Since most of these devices are self-activating, vapers only need to “bite” the mouthpiece and breathe in naturally to inhale the steam. Regarding convenience, disposable products are suitable for e-cigarette users who are completely unfamiliar with e-cigarettes or switch from cigarettes.

4. Compact

Disposables are tremendously compact. They are amazingly slim and sleek making them incredibly portable. Compactness in vaping setups offers disposable vape pens an ergonomic edge over other vaping systems since some robust and huge mods start to cause hand cramps after some period of using them. Despite their compact and slim design, these vaping units are small-sized making them easy to carry around in your pocket.

5. Smoothing to provide salt-based nicotine

Containing a vape flavor formulated from basic nicotine, disposable products will produce a strong flavor of steam and contain high doses of nicotine, which is absolutely attractive to smokers.

Salt-based nicotine can provide a smoother and stronger throat impact, and inhale a high concentration of nicotine per puff. A large amount of nicotine makes the vaper feel happy without leaving any pressure. E-cigarette users who desire a large and consistent amount of nicotine throughout their e-cigarette life will truly like this atomization.

6. Maintenance-free

One of the reasons some parts of the e-cigarette community like to use disposable e-cigarette pens is because these devices are maintenance-free. Disposable pens and related units do not require any maintenance attached to more advanced vapes (such as box mods and RDA).

The hardware components do not need to be cleaned, coils replaced or built, or even charged for dead batteries. In this case, the advantage is that the user does not have to waste time doing all this; all that needs to be done is to take the e-cigarette pen from the package and enjoy the good time directly!

7. Leakproof technology

No one can swallow an annoying e-cigarette smell while enjoying a pleasant e-cigarette experience. Disposable e-cigarette pens can save users from embarrassment because they are designed and manufactured as leak-proof e-cigarette devices. They use leak-proof fuel tank technology, which can keep all the precious flavors of e-cigarettes in the fuel tank.

Sometimes we underestimate the vape flavor that will be lost when a leak occurs in the fuel tank, and forget the disappointment that it will cause when it happens. Well, just by migrating to disposables, and say goodbye to this rather annoying problem once and for all.

8. Travel friendly

Are you currently planning to travel abroad and are confused about whether to carry e-cigarettes? If so, do you want to know if you can smoke e-cigarettes on the plane? How to leave e-cigarettes on the plane? Of course, we all want an e-cigarette device that is easy to carry when traveling, because no one wants a big and boring e-cigarette during the trip.

Disposable items are suitable for travel, can be carried almost anywhere, and used almost anytime. They are ideal settings for e-cigarette users who constantly smoke e-cigarettes on the go. In addition, they are a gemstone because they do not need to be stored when the vape taste is used up: just discard them.

9. A discreet choice

Currently, disposable products are considered the most discreet choice of e-cigarettes on the market. In addition, they are stylish, thin, compact, and easy to carry, allowing vapors to enjoy their favorite e-cigarette flavors in a totally unobtrusive way. It is possible to conceal them: people can hold the disposable e-cigarette pen in a way that no one notices.

In addition, compared to sub-ohm fuel tanks and box modules, these devices generate less steam, which complements their discrete nature. This allows vapers to secretly use fewer huge steam plumes, which take some time to dissipate in the air. This means that people can enjoy e-cigarettes without attracting any unnecessary attention from bystanders.

10. Available in a variety of flavors

In today’s e-cigarette market, there are a wide variety of e-cigarette brands and more than 1,000 flavors. With these flavors, smokers may not look like they are switching e-cigarettes, but have completely started a brand new approach, and this unfamiliar feeling may make them smoke again. Nevertheless, people who are just starting to smoke e-cigarettes can enjoy the same tobacco and menthol flavors as cigarettes through disposable cigarettes.


7 Tips To Help E-Liquid Evaluation.

There are hundreds of e-liquid reviewers on domestic video websites and forums, but there is no article telling people how to do e-liquid reviews. Unlike steam smoke equipment, the evaluation of E-liquid can be complicated. Many commenters think that E-liquid is too subjective and are unwilling to make such an evaluation. This background is fully recognized. However, the quality of e-liquid is still restricted by some objective laws. Here are some tips that can be helpful in e-liquid evaluation.

1. Integrity first

If the reviewer conveys some false information or exaggerates the data for some reason, then the smoke oil test will be meaningless. This is just a waste of time and manpower. It is of no help to market testing and product improvement. Ensure that the comment made by the reviewer is true before everything.

2. Test form

Before testing, make a test form and list all the criteria to judge the quality of an E-liquid. Such as the sense of throat, smell, quality of flavor, (mixed E-liquid) flavor matching effect, PG / VG base ratio, and so on. Like university professor evaluates your paper, lists a numerical result and some comments and sets factors to 1-10 points, and sets comment position next to them to record feelings and evaluations. With this form, you know where to focus in the testing process.

3. Use RDA atomizer (single or dual)

RDA atomizer is necessary when evaluating e-liquid. This means you have to learn to make your own silk. Although it’s a bit of a hassle, consider that the silk you make can last longer and it’s easier to replace the cotton, because then you need to change the E-liquid frequently to compare the analysis. After a taste test is completed, all you have done is to quickly remove the cotton, start to burn the hot wire and atomize the residue of an E-liquid, and then install the new cotton, you can start the next E-liquid test. It is.

It is best to use a single shot to test the taste of E-liquid alone. First, when testing a lot of E-liquid, a single shot can save a lot of time; Second, single shots can often atomize a more pure, more accurate taste. When using double hair, a difference in the uniformity or resistance of the silk may cause excessive heat on one side and too slow heat conduction, which will greatly affect the effect and taste of E-liquid atomization.

4. Blind Test

Blind testing means that the reviewer records his true feelings and thoughts about the measured E-liquid without knowing the taste of E-liquid, knowing the nicotine content, not knowing the PG/VG ratio, and not being affected by others’ evaluation. That will be a great thing if the reviewer forgets or doesn’t know the flavor that should be presented in this E-liquid description. Torn off the label on the bottle, and let the reviewer try blinding and jotting down all the flavors they can discern, and then telling the taste. Blind test data will avoid the rhetoric or malignancy of some E-liquid by some other reviewers and help to distinguish and filter out the real good taste.

5. Take the normal method of evaluation.

Test in a relatively natural environment. Humidity, pressure, and even noise in the surrounding environment can affect your sense of taste and smell. For example, it is not suitable for testing while flying. During the flight, people’s sensitivity to sweet and salty tastes will be reduced due to high air pressure, low humidity, and engine noise in the cabin. Therefore, the reviewer should choose a relatively natural environment when testing, and eliminate some interference factors as much as possible. Some laboratories also have special e-cigarette liquid tasting areas.

6. Don’t jump to conclusions too early

Every kind of e-liquid has the characteristics of fluidity (or instability). This means that the e-liquid will have different tastes at different time periods after it leaves the factory. Even at the same time, different equipment, different atomizer resistance, and different power settings will all have an impact on the taste. A piece of e-liquid objective data usually requires at least 15 milliliters of e-liquid intake and at least one week, and to ensure that each e-liquid has been tested by at least three different types of atomizers.

In order to obtain more objective data, the evaluator needs to test the taste of e-liquid in more than three different atomizers. Obtaining a set of objective data requires a lot of work. Just because the reviewer likes or dislikes a certain flavor of e-liquid within a certain period of time, it is not enough to give a qualitative rating to the e-liquid.

If the ejuice is good in the afternoon and bad in the morning, the reason behind it is worth understanding. It is recommended that the reviewer prepare some clean drip atomizers, use new heating wires and cotton, and use different equipment to collect as much taste data as possible in different time periods to verify whether the taste is really good. Remember that there is a thousand Hamlet in the eyes of a thousand people. If the flavor of e-liquid is not the type you like, please consider who might like this flavor and why.

In addition, if the evaluator’s conditions do not allow it, different e-liquids need to use the same atomizer, and it is important to clean them thoroughly. The peculiar smell is an important reason why the taste of many e-liquids cannot be reduced.

It is a serious matter to make an objective smoke oil evaluation, so not many people are willing to spend a lot of time, energy, and patience on this work.

7. Return the taste buds before each test.

a. Make sure not to eat some irritating foods such as peppers that may affect the taste buds before making the evaluation.

b. Clean mouth and teeth with freshwater when feeling the taste fatigue. And sure you can try by milk.

c. Repeatedly record the feeling before and after freshwater cleaning, which may help discover the essence of an E-liquid.

d. Stimulate your taste buds with coffee powder. sniffing coffee smell long time can help you get your taste buds back. The sensitivity of the sense of smell and taste is greatly enhanced after that.